Weekly Wednesday August 18, 2021

New comics always drop on a Wednesday. I usually find at least one to check out. Even after Free Comic Book Day’s amazing stack from Saturday/Sunday, I went to Comics-N-Stuff Carlsbad to browse the new comics wall. I found myself struggling to pick just two, and then just three, and four, and finally five–and, well, after FCBD I was fresh out of boards, so I restocked the cardstock, too.

Spotlight: Maneaters: The Cursed #2

Chelsea Cain returns with Maneaters. This time it’s summer craft camp!! I loved the first series and noticed a couple of weeks late that The Cursed #1 had come out, so I was excited for the release of this issue.

Maude’s return, this time even more self-assured in occupying a space of change, self-realization, confidence, righteous resistance. Lia Miternique, Kate Niemczyk, Rachelle Rosenberg, and Joe Caramagna put together a visual and textual world that proposes that whimsy is possible, and indeed necessary, at points where the critique of hetero-masculinist ideologies becomes sharpest and most important. And the ads are hilariously sick, as always.

Other titles I bought:

I just thought it sounded cool, and it’s written by a woman, but apparently it’s an exciting release for other people, too: Boom! Studios’ Eat the Rich, by Sarah Gailey, Pius Bak, and Roman Titov.

Dark Horse Comics’ Killer Queens #1, because “Putting the Sass in Assassin!” and a gender role reversal on a classic sci-fi trope on the cover.

Fantagraphics’ Red Room: The Antisocial Network #1, by Ed Piskor. I got the Free Comic Book Day issue of this title and liked what I saw: some weird-ass shit in a kind of comix style. And a needle in the eye (almost) on the cover? In this pandemic era, some gore and horror sounds like a kind of vaccination, doesn’t it…?

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